FMFeb 3BurnabyFortius
FMFeb 16BurnabyFortius
FMMarch 16BurnabyFortius
FMApril 5BurnabyFortius
FMApril 6AbbotsfordQuality Hotel
FMApril 13; 8-4pmKelownaRamada Hotel
FMApril 26KamloopsFairfield Inn
FMMay 17Burnabytbc (likely Holiday Inn Metrotown)
FMJune 8NanaimoNanaimo Golf Club
FMJune 27Burnabytbc (likely Holiday Inn Metrotown)
FMAug 1Burnabytbc (likely Holiday Inn Metrotown)
FMSept 27Burnabytbc (likely Holiday Inn Metrotown)
FMOct 12KamloopsFairfield Inn
FMOct 19AbbotsfordQuality Hotel
FMNov 7BurnabyFortius
FMNov 17; 8-4pmKelownaRamada Hotel
FMDec 5BurnabyFortius
FMDec 14NanaimoNanaimo Chamber of Commerce

N/A for January 2018

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